GSV Advisors is dedicated to helping education entrepreneurs and growth companies connect with value-added, strategic investors and partners to enable their ideas to become the next market-leading businesses.

A key part of our mission is to re-imagine what education is—with a bias toward innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and others who look at learning differently

The concept of learning has been transformed. The traditional notion—classrooms and instructors, books and schedules, papers and tests, kids and grades—well, they've grown up.

Today, learning is lifelong.
It's on-demand. Interactive.
Global and universal.

And it's growing. Products, technologies, institutions, and content providers revolving around the education space are exploding. Which means that, beyond the hugely positive advances in the way our world gains knowledge, there are exciting opportunities to participate in the development and success of these businesses.

Our professionals have devoted careers to this space. That's why these times are so inspiring. So many amazing ideas, so much potential. And all we need to do is lend our financial expertise to help make them reality.

Global Silicon Valley

"GSV" stands for Global Silicon Valley. The Valley, as it's often called, has redefined entrepreneurism and, in many ways, business in general

A remarkable percentage of the world's most successful companies—mostly in the high tech space—call this magical region home. And it's also the world's undisputed hub for up-and-comers, representing roughly a third of the VC investment in all of the U.S.

But this little piece of the Bay Area is much more than just a spot on the map. It's bigger than the collective identity of a bunch of tech bellwethers, or even the alter ego of the broader technology sector.

"Silicon Valley" has become a mindset. It's an addiction to constant innovation. A devotion to the brightest talent. An appetite for boldness. A magnet for capital and growth investors. It's the ambitious pursuit of a destiny achieved by the likes of Apple, Google, Cisco, Adobe, and Oracle by companies that are, at present, far more humble.

And it's everywhere

Global Silicon Valley represents this powerful ideology. It has little to do with where companies operate and lots to do with how and why. With the reach and the velocity of information and resources increasing, there are great businesses with tremendous potential emerging on every continent

Strong Strategic Allies

GSV Advisors is a key partner of Arizona State University in the design and construction of a global education innovation business hub at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center.

We're also aligned with GSV Media, thought leaders in growth research and investing. GSV Edu, part of GSV Media, is focused exclusively on the education sector, fortifying our domain expertise and sharing it with members of the education ecosystem.

And while our unrivaled success with completing investment transactions is what we're best known for, it's equally important to us that our role within the education community is broader than just helping clients close transactions. So, in addition to our professional efforts, our firm is an active member and supporter of multiple world-class organizations for leaders in education.